Why do you need to recycle a car battery?

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car battery recycling
car battery recycling

Why do you need to recycle a car battery?

Batteries can catch fire! They could set fire, and they are dangerous they contain toxins including sulphuric acid, mercury, and cadmium. Therefore, all lead-acid batteries need to be properly disposed of.


Safely Store

It can be difficult to safely store batteries at home, especially lithium-ion car batteries because they might catch fire if they absorb damage or become overheated.

Recycling Facilities

Batteries may be safely disposed of without ending up in landfills thanks to recycling facilities that are available at many local governments.

Drop off Point

The sites in Adelaide listed below are where you may drop off your


Battery Stewardship Council

Do visit Battery Stewardship Council an Australian initiative to collect and recycle battery.

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