What Type Of Battery Is Best For A Caravan

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Are you wondering what type of battery to get for your caravan? 

A battery is an important aspect of any caravan. This type of device is ideal for keeping you going when the power is out or when you go dry-camping. 

On these types of adventures, your battery will keep the water pump in your caravan running, it will act as a powerful light source when it is dark and leisure batteries can even be used to power a small TV set, kettle, oven, small appliances like fans, or can even be helpful for recharging your mobile devices.

Since your caravan battery is responsible for powering so many things, it is best to invest in a quality battery. It is also important to select a suitable battery size with a voltage range that matches your electronic devices.

Let’s take a look at the right battery to get if you want to keep the lights on when you go dry-camping by caravan.

Best Battery Type for Caravan

Batteries are not created equally. There are three coar battery types which include the following:

  • Lead acid batteries
  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries 
  • Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries

These battery types are crafted from very different materials and can vary quite a bit in function. The three main battery types also come in a huge variety of sizes and voltage ranges. 

Most caravan and RV lovers prefer to use lithium batteries inside these types of mini mobile dwellings. These batteries tend to be a bit pricier but do offer more advantages over other battery types.

Why Choose Lithium Batteries for Your Caravan

Even though these batteries are significantly more expensive compared to lead acid batteries and AGM batteries, they are the best for camping since they offer the following advantages.

01. Durability

    Lithium batteries have the longest lifespan of all batteries currently in existence. These batteries can last 3,000 – 5,000 cycles whereas lead acid batteries typically only last about 500 – 1,000 cycles. The cycle refers to the occurrence where you use the battery until it is drained before recharging it. With such an incredible lifespan, it is clear why so many prefer these battery types.

    02. Safer

      All batteries do pose some risks like catching fire, and electrification, or can even explode if they are over-charged. Lead acid batteries are, however, a bit riskier since they contain highly corrosive materials and there is a higher chance of conducting thermal heat that might be risky. Lithium batteries tend to be safer, especially if you invest in a good brand. 

      03. Lighter

        When equipping a caravan, it is always best to pick the lightest possible accessories. Lithium batteries certainly are a lot lighter compared to lead acid batteries making them more suitable for keeping your weight down. 

        What Size Battery for a Caravan

        This can be a tricky question to answer because the battery size will depend on your power and voltage needs. Most caravan power suppliers include two 120 amp batteries in the power kit. This should be sufficient for powering 12-volt appliances but might not be efficient if your caravan fridges consume a lot of energy. 

        Get The Right Caravan Battery From Car Battery Experts in Adelaide

        Car Battery Experts in Adelaide can supply you with the best batteries for your caravan. Our mobile car battery experts can also offer some advice on the best lithium battery brand to select and we can recommend an appropriate size that can power all of your systems. With our help, your next camping expedition is bound to be more comfortable than ever.