Signs of Car Battery is Dying

car battery experts Adelaide at work
car battery experts Adelaide at work

How to tell if your car battery is dying?

Maybe you’ve found yourself wondering if your car battery needs replacing. Or perhaps you’ve done a web search for “car battery replacement near me” just in case the inevitable happens tomorrow. It’s not always easy to know if your car battery’s on the way out. Here are some signs that can indicate the condition of your battery and whether you need a mobile car battery replacement.

car battery experts Adelaide at work

A different engine sound

If you hear the starter turning the engine more slowly than previously, your car battery may be dying. You might be tempted to just let your car rest and try it again later, but if your battery is slow it will need a professional test as soon as possible.

You notice flashing lights?

When you start your car, you may notice the battery indicator on your dashboard light up. While this might not always mean the battery is going to die, an illuminated battery symbol communicates issues relating to the battery and its charging system. If you notice this battery light, we recommend you arrange for an inspection of your charging system.

Your headlights are dimmer

One of the easiest ways to check your battery quality is to turn on your headlights. If you notice they’re more dim than usual, you may need to replace your battery. Lights that don’t turn on at all require a call to roadside assistance. We also recommend you conduct an online search, like “car batteries near me”, to arrange a professional assessment.

You notice leaks or build-up

Any signs of battery leaks or gunk on the terminals is a sign your battery might be failing.

You haven't driven for a while

If it’s been some time since you’ve used your car, your battery is at risk of failure. You can keep your battery lasting longer with a full recharge using a proper charging device or jump-start the battery using jumper cables.

Your battery is more than three years old

Older batteries are less likely to cope with very hot or cold weather, which can lead them to die more quickly.

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