How To Choose The Right Car Battery

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The battery industry has boomed over the past few decades. These days, there are countless selections to pick and choose from which can cause a little bit of buyer fatigue if you don’t know what to look for. In this guide, we aim to make it a little bit easier to select a suitable battery by discussing some of the most important battery features to take into consideration.

Your Vehicle Requirements

First, you should determine what size battery your vehicle needs. Batteries are categorised by their physical size and each different size makes the battery suitable for certain vehicle groupings. Group 75 battery sizes will fit most general motor vehicles. Group 65 battery sizes are suited for large-bodied vehicles. Group 35 battery sizes are suitable for late models of certain brands. You can determine your battery group size by measuring the battery or by checking your owner’s manual.

It is also important to check what type of battery you need. The main battery types include wet cell batteries, SLI Batteries, or deep cycle batteries.

Consider Brand

With plenty of knock-offs and cheap brands out there, you need to be careful when buying a battery. The cheapest battery isn’t necessarily the best one since these can be made from poor-quality materials and can wear out much sooner. If you want a battery that is going to offer good performance and that offers a decent lifespan then it is best to focus on reputable brands.

Cold Cranking Amps

Your vehicle has specific cold-cranking amps (CCA) requirements and the battery needs to match these requirements or your vehicle might not start up well during winter. As a rule of thumb, your CCA ratings should be over 150 and much higher for high-performance vehicles. 

Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity is the minutes of power a battery has in reserve. This power is what powers lights and other car accessories when the engine is switched off. A 120 RC battery can keep the alternator running for about 120 minutes before the battery goes flat. A longer reserve capacity can be beneficial if you enjoy listening to the radio while your car is parked. 


What is the expected lifespan of the battery? A typical car battery has a pretty short lifespan of 3 – 4 years. While this is a bit limited, you still want your battery to last at least three years since it can be a bit pricey to replace.


If you want to avoid unexpected battery issues or payments for a battery that gives out too soon then it is best to select a battery that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. If the battery does die or show issues then you can get it replaced without spending extra money on a replacement.

Added Benefits

It is always good to buy your car batteries from a company that offers added services like battery servicing. Car Battery Experts is a good example of a battery supplier that offers great added services. Our battery distributors offer mobile replacement services, we can service or test your car batteries for you and they offer 5 months of free roadside assistance with any battery replacements. 

Get Help Selecting a Fine Quality Battery

If you have a tough time finding a suitable battery or cannot seem to decide on the right battery to buy then it is best to give Car Battery Experts a call. Our company specialises in batteries and can provide you with a fine-quality battery for any type of vehicle, truck, boat, or bike. Our elite batteries come with a manufacturer warranty, have a higher ACC and AMP hour capacity and will offer the performance and durability that you need.

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